A Blueprint for Building Mangers, Building Men, Building the Church!

This online training and coaching resource is key to hosting a successful Manger Build Experience. We will guide you to recruit and train a team to execute The Manger Build® for your church or community. But the ultimate goal is building men! This experience provides Dad an opportunity and the encouragement to lead his family spiritually.

The Manger Build® will keep Christ’s example of manhood in front of your men and help your men keep Christ in front of Christmas for their families.


A Tool for Building Men®

What’s the BIG Idea?

Builds Men

There is Manhood in the Manger® - Symbolically the manger is a spine stiffening reminder of true manhood.


Jesus, even though He appears as a baby in the manger, is the ultimate example of manhood. He stepped out of eternal heaven to enter finite humanity as an example to us all. When your team hosts The Manger Build®, you will help train men to live out 1 Corinthians 11:11 Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.

Builds Families

Everyone Wins When a Godly Man Leads - The Manger Build® will help men win with their children and their wives while scoring a victory for the King.


Many men feel desire or even pressure to step up and lead their families, especially in the spiritual realm. Unfortunately, too many simply don’t know how because they’ve never seen a man lead his family well. The Manger Build® gives him practical help and if he follows through with Dad’s Tools For Spiritual Leadership®, that’s a huge victory!

Builds the Church

A Tool for Building Men® Discipleship - Jesus ministered to women and children in counter-cultural ways, but he invested strategically in men.


The Manger Build® Church Resource kit will guide you to assemble a team of men to help plan, prepare and execute a successful Manger Build event. This is a great way to introduce or enhance team-based men’s discipleship in you church. The ultimate goal is to help men develop skills and courage to walk with Christ and lead.

The Manger Build® Impact

what happens with and through The Manger Build® goes far beyond a father-child event. When men follow through with the devotions, I know that families are truly celebrating Christ; not just a secular holiday and that men are leading their families.

Brian Autry, Pastor

Brother we had such a great time!…We witnessed 75-100 believers fellowshipping in a way so rare and so beautiful it’s really hard to describe. Your materials were a hit and everyone is excited and looking forward to going thru the seven-day devotional portion as well.

Ministry Leader – Steve Long

I was truly humbled when I walked into our Manger Build … fathers, sons, daughters, new friends, neighbors, whites, blacks, young, old, grandparents… wow! All of this with the beautiful sound of hammers striking nails sometimes on target other times just missing the mark but at the end; it’s all for the glory of Christ and the beloved community.

Pastor Don Coleman

Countdown to the Manger Build® 2017!


The Manger Build® Across The Country!

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The Manger Build® Blueprint for Getting Started

Will you help equip the men in your church to keep Christ in front of Christmas for their families this year? Whether you are a pastor, leader, or church member, you can be the CHAMPION for The Manger Build® in your church or community!


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